Gilbert Brenson-Lazan - Founding Partner:  Social Psychologist with forty years of international experience in facilitation, training and consulting, he has pioneered professional facilitation in Latin America.  He is author of 28 books, founder of the Neo-Humanist Foundation, former Vice-Chair International of the International Association of Facilitators - IAF, Co-Founder and Past President of the Global Facilitator Service Corps and Founding Associate of the Change Facilitation Associates Network.

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Parcia Margarita Sansary Gómez - Managing Partner:  Dominican Economist with and M.A. in Financial Administration and Management Productivity, Parcia has ten years of international experience in consulting and facilitating processes of organizational and community transformation, management training and on-line education. She is Regional Consultant for Latin America of the Global Facilitator Service Corps.

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Marta Aycardi F.

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Francisco Fernandez C.

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