We believe in the inherent worth and potential of every human being and in the collective wisdom generated by groups. As a basic guide in our personal lives and in our relationships with others, especially clients and colleagues, we are committed to the following indispensable values and principles:


AUTONOMY:  We value and strive to optimize diversity, assertiveness, proactivity and the responsible self-determination of each person and group, by facilitating an awareness of the largest possible number of perceptual and behavioral options.


INNOVATION:  We value and strive to optimize flexibility, spontaneity, creativity and versatility, by facilitating the creation of spaces and processes to develop the synergy needed for meeting our challenges.


PARTICIPATION:  We value and strive to optimize the unique contribution that every person can make in a group, community or organization, by facilitating processes of collaboration and consensus-building.


INTEGRITY:  We value and strive to optimize transparency, honesty, solidarity and justice, by facilitating reconciliation with one´s self, with one another and with those with whom we share the universe.


RESPONSIBILITY: We value and strive to optimize self-empowerment, individual and group responsibility and the pursuit of excellence, by facilitating agreement upon expectations and commitments, the development of the competencies required to fulfill them and the processes needed to sustain them.