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Preconference Sessions

Appreciative Inquiry: Prosperity Thinking: A New Social Practice for Facilitating Systemic Change 
Presenter: Carolyn MacLeod
Your Leadership Style is the Key Driver for Creativity 
Presenter: Joseph Slye
  Human Spectrums: An Interactive Tool for Building Understanding and Group Capacity 
Presenter: Steve Kay
 Challenge Arenas and Practice Fields: Strategic Application of Experiential Learning 
Presenter: William R. Matthew
 Transforming the Experience of Work: Next Steps in the Technology of Meaning 
Presenters: Ann and John Epps

Concurrent Sessions - Friday & Sunday

Concurrent sessions will offer participants opportunities to share and learn best practices, methods and the latest thinking across six Conference Threads. These 90 and 180-minute sessions will be offered on Friday, January 15 and Sunday, January 17. Listed below is a preliminary slate of offerings which highlights the breadth of professional development opportunities across the two days.
Systems Thinking  

Conditions That Support Self-Organization in a Complex Adaptive System 
Presenters: Doris Conway and Glenda Eoyang 

Facilitating Dynamic Group Role Play  
Presenter: Janet Danforth 

Impacting Organizational Systems: Methods for Change 
Presenter: Robert Rausch, Ph.D.  

Renewing Organizations in a Time of Change 
Presenters: Judith Vogel and David Glaser  

Systems Thinking: Using Large Group Interactive Events 
Presenters:Kristine Quade and Roland Sullivan 

The Wisdom Council: A New Structure for Democratizing Large Organizations 
Presenter: Jim Rough 

Using Systems Thinking Tools From The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook  
Presenter: Jim Spee 

Why there’s nothing wrong with systems thinking a little Chaos won’t fix?: A critique of modern systems theory and the practice of facilitation it informs 
Presenter: Laurie A. Fitzgerald, PhD

Group Planning 

Facilitating Business Renewal 
Presenter: Ron Wiens 

How to Use Collaborative Technologies in Strategic Planning  
Presenter:Jared Caplan 

Introduction to Technology of Participation TM 
Presenter: Jim Spee  

Keeping the Drive Alive: Lessons From a Search Conference  
Presenter: William Matthews and Terry Swango  

Priming the Pump to Create the Vision 
Presenter: Sylvia Vriesendorp  

The Role of Facilitation in Government Decentralization: The Philippines GOLD Project  
Presenters: Gary Forbes and Dr. Kenn Ellison  

What Does It Get Us? Weaving Collaborative Goals for Groups  
Presenter: Lisa Marshall 

What Every Facilitator Should Know About Strategic Planning  
Presenter: Michael Wilkinson 

Teambuilding & Communication  

Building Teams and Fostering Communication: An Experiential Approach 
Presenter: Rudy Pucel  

Creating Joy-Filled Community 
Presenter: Leslie Brunker  

Developing & Using Metaphors to Engage the Mind and Heart of Business 
Presenter: Wanda McGee  

Facilitating Youth and Young American Adults: Unique Needs, Innovative Methods 
Presenter: David Brown  

Group Dynamics Skills for Facilitators 
Presenter: Sandy Dignes  

Facilitation, Coaching, Mentoring and Training: Understanding the Differences 
Presenters: Jean Isberg, Pamela Kaul, Becky Shambaugh and Dr. Jennifer Wild  

Managed Empowerment: An Oxymoron? 
Presenters: Carole Gill and Denise O'Berry  

Managing Dysfunction: Techniques From The Effective Facilitator 
Presenter: Ed Manning 

Silence and the Circle to Build Community: A New Approach to Organizational Communication Issues  
Presenters: David McCleskey and Patricia Webb  

The Power of Paradox: How Improv Theater Helps Facilitate Teambuilding and Communication Skills 
Presenter: Izzy Gesell 

Pulling the Threads: Weaving the Group Together Through Telling the Living Story 
Presenter: Lisa J. Marshall  
 Sandra Ann Mobley 

Problem-Solving & Decision- Making  

Creating Creativity  
Presenter: David Ford  

Discovering an Organization's Knowledge: Facilitating Business Rules Workshops 
Presenter:Ellen Gottesdiener 

Facilitating Collaborative Decision-Making in Six Steps  
Presenters: Michael Brandon and Sharon Weinberg  

Overview: Choice-Creating and Dynamic Facilitation Skills  
Presenter: Jim Rough 

Tips, Tricks and Techniques That You Absolutely, Positively Must Know  
Presenter: Bruce Hyland 

Using Technology to Assist Facilitation 
Presenter: Mark MacDonald

Facilitating Creativity with Style: Understanding and Valuing Differences
Presenter: Diane Houle-Rutherford

Conflict Resolution & Mediation  

Conflict: Situational Facilitation 
Presenters: Marilyn Oyler and David Wayne  

Finding Clarity in the Midst of Conflict  
Presenter: Malcolm Burson  

Overcoming Resistance and Building Buy-In in a Cynical World  
Presenter: Ingrid Bens 

Transforming Labor-Management Contract Negotiations Through Facilitation and Systems Thinking  
Presenter: Gail Digate and Denise McKenna  

Facilitating the Journey to Counciliation  
Presenter: Jo Nelson and Duncan Holmes

Professional & Self Development  

A Day in the Life of a Facilitator in the Year 2000  
Presenter: Barry Rosen  

A Postcard From Abroad: How to Conduct Facilitative Training in a Foreign Culture With an Interpreter 
Presenter: Nancy Hamm Curren  

A Systematic Approach to Effective Facilitation 
Presenter: Glenn Kiser  

Closing the Deal: From Marketing to Sales 
Presenter: Carol Hallyn  

Professional Facilitators: Are Your Programs Legally Defensible? 
Presenter: Patricia Eyres  

Being Your Own Best Intervention 
Presenter: Edward S. (Ned) Ruete

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